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Take a Step Back and Look At the Entire Picture

We focus on the issues that impact Business Owners because their business matters to us. We find Business Owners, like yourself, that put all their energy and resources into the business. To you, the business is everything. 

What Business Owners don't realize is that there is considerable risk when everything is focused on that business. We want you to take a step back and look at the entire picture. We want to diversify that risk by helping you build a personal estate for you.  

The following considerations are the first steps in building your personal estate.

I Wish My Grand Parents Did This For Me

Not everyone is in the position to create a legacy especially one that can be passed along to the generations of your family to come.

The grandparent owns and pays for the permanent insurance policy on the life of their grandchild. The cash value within the policy grows tax sheltered for the life on the contract. The parent is named the successor owner at the death of the grandparent. The ownership of the policy can change when the grandchild meets the age of majority or the parent can retain ownership of the policy and in control of the cash value accumulation until needed for the grandchild.

At that time, your legacy is fulfilled. Your grandchild has monies to further their education, provide a down payment on a new house or provide for their retirement.  If the parent considered repeating this strategy for their own grandchild then, allowing this powerful financial tool to further increase the overall family estate for generations to come.

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The 2 % Solution

This strategy attempts to minimize the volatility of your investment portfolio and attempting to reduce your overall risk. A percentage (2%) is withdrawn from the portfolio on an annual basis to fund a more conservative asset that has some distinct advantages. The cash value portion of a permanent insurance policy grows on a tax-sheltered basis while proving protection to the estate should pre-mature death occur. The tax-free death benefit could be used to cover capital gains due at time of death or provide funds for beneficiaries while by passing probate.

Estate Bond

You have savings or extra income that you do not need for lifestyle purposes. You invest the cash in GICs or some other taxable investment and earmark these investments for your heirs or favorite charity. You want a financial planning strategy that will increase the value of funds available when you die.

This financial planning strategy requires you to use this surplus cash to purchase a life insurance policy. By replacing the taxable investments with a insurance policy, you will increase the funds available to your heirs when you die and reduce the amount of tax you pay today and in the future.

This asset differs from those in your portfolio due to its tax-sheltered growth and tax free death benefit. By funding a permanent life insurance policy on your life  to offset capital gains an estate value

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