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Run a successful business

Business Owners

Whether your business or corporation is large, small or somewhere in the middle, one thing remains constant; You need to establish a solid financial foundation for the long term viability of the organization.

We work with mature, growing and brand new organizations to help administer the needs of all parties. Those being owners, shareholders and employees.

We have extensive knowledge and the resources to handle all of your corporate investing and insurance needs. We focus on tax efficiencies outlined by the CRA and are committed to working hard to ensure you are getting the most value from your current corporate structure.

After all, a dollar saved in tax is worth more than a dollar of income.

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These are just a few considerations to take into account that will have an impact on your business activities

Creditor Protection

Whether you are an established entrepreneur or just starting out, it’s important to regularly review your creditor protection strategy. Most business owners, officers and directors don’t realize that their personal assets are at risk of creditor claims in the event something goes wrong with the business.

Place your savings into products sold by an insurance company. A segregated fund contract or Guarantee Interest Contract (GIC) product purchased through an insurance company offers potential creditor protection when you name a Family Class or irrevocable beneficiary.  List yourself as the both the owner and annuitant/insured doing so may prevent creditors from seizing the assets, as well as ensuring the assets transfer immediately to your beneficiary at the time of your death.

Make a plan now. Once your business is in trouble, it is almost impossible to establish a creditor protection plan. It must be done while the business is healthy or new.

Corporate Insurance

In general, life insurance premiums are not deductible and are purchased with after-tax dollars. Consider if your personal marginal tax rate is 50% while your corporate rate is 15%, you would need more pre-tax money to buy a life insurance policy held personally compared to the pre-tax money needed by your corporation to buy the same policy.  

The math speaks for itself. For the corporation to pay an annual premium of $12,000 it would take $14,100 in pre-tax money as opposed to paying $24,000 pre-tax to buy the same policy.

There are numerous applications for corporate insurance to increase the size of the estate, allow business continuation, tax efficient investing, or leaving a legacy.

Business Advantage Account (BBA)

It’s a high-interest investment account designed as the ideal complement to a traditional operating account. This account can be used by a broad range of incorporated and unincorporated organizations such as small businesses, charitable organizations, associations, unions and clubs. BAA also works well as a trust account, providing security, accessibility and growth for money held in trust

Immediate Financing Arrangements

With this financial planning strategy, you deposit funds into a permanent life insurance policy. You put more money into the policy than what is required to cover the insurance and other costs. This excess creates significant cash value within your policy.

You assign the policy to a bank as collateral for a line of credit and use the borrowed funds to invest in a business or property to produce income.

Each year, you pay the interest expense on the line of credit. You claim both the interest expense and the collateral insurance deduction as tax deductions from your current income, where permitted.

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