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Business Banking

Can you afford to let everything slip through your fingers?

Many business owners don’t even know they have a problem with business planning. Do you? Understanding the issues can mean financial health for you, your business and your family. Read More

Manulife Private Wealth

Manulife Private Wealth, a unique, seamless and integrated approach to wealth management that includes banking, investment management, and advisory services. Manulife Private Wealth is designed as a collaborative service model allowing clients to retain existing trusted advisors, while receiving highly personalized private banking and investment management services, with access to an integrated team of financial planning, tax and estate experts, accountants and lawyers.

Manulife Private Wealth’s goals-based investment management approach uses a team model to leverage Manulife Asset Management’s extensive experience in domestic and international institutional investment management with expertise across asset classes and investment styles.

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Personal Banking

Looking to improve your finances? 

It may be a question of how you bank rather than where you bank. Consider starting with a new way to bank.

Advantage Account

Advantage Account is a high-interest savings account that offers a high interest rate and gives you the features and flexibility of a chequing account – all in one account. With online and telephone transfers, pre-authorized chequing and bill payments, and debit card access, you can access your money when and where you need it.  

Plus, Advantage Account now offers unlimited chequing for free when your balance is $5,000 or more!

Making deposits into your Advantage Account is free, and withdrawals are free when your balance is $5,000 or more at the time of transaction.

For more information about Advantage Account, please contact us.

Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc., a registered mutual fund dealer in all the provinces and territories of Canada, except Nunavut, and a registered exempt market dealer in all the provinces of Canada and the Yukon Territory and Manulife Securities Incorporated, a registered investment dealer in all provinces and territories of Canada (“Manulife Securities” as the case may be) have each entered into a referral agreement (the “Agreement”) with Manulife Private Wealth, a division of both Manulife Asset Management Limited and Manulife Asset Management Investments Inc. Manulife Asset Management Limited is registered as a portfolio manager in all the provinces of Canada; as an investment fund manager in Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario; and as a commodity trading manager in Ontario. Manulife Asset Management Investments Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Asset Management Limited, is registered as an exempt market dealer in each of the provinces of Canada. Under the respective Agreement, your Manulife Securities Advisor (your “Advisor”, identified in section 6 of this form) can refer clients including you, the undersigned (“You”), to Manulife Private Wealth which is registered to provide financial planning, discretionary portfolio management services and securities products (“Services”). These Services may be provided directly via Manulife Asset Management Limited, Manulife Asset Management Investments Inc., or through affiliated entities, including The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, Manulife Bank of Canada and Manulife Trust Company. Through your relationship with Manulife Private Wealth, You may also be offered one or more designated banking, mortgage and/or secured lending products (“Related Products”) from Manulife Bank of Canada or Manulife Trust Company (“Manulife Bank & Trust”). Manulife Private Wealth may pay referral fees to Manulife Securities when You purchase Services or Related Products from Manulife Private Wealth or Manulife Bank & Trust.

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